Seed Technology





Seed Production

“Increasing the quality of seeds can increase the yield potential of the crop and is one of the most economical and efficient inputs to improve crop production and productivity.” FAO


Our growers are amongst the best in the world with many years of experience in onion seed production. Magnus Kahl Seeds works with both large and small farmers and is meticulous in selecting its group of growers in all regions. Together we operate collaboratively to benefit from the lessons of previous seasons to ensure that each future season is better than those which preceded. It is this desire to continuously improve and excel which separates our growers from the rest.


At MKS our aim is to always have seed stocks available to meet customer demand. MKS benefits from the ability of having dedicated seed production facilities in both the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. This in turn enables year–round production for the benefit of our customers. Diversity in production zones is also critical to maintaining seed quality. Many traditional allium seed production zones increasingly suffer from decreasing yields, increasing disease pressure, limited isolation and adverse weather conditions. MKS has been successful in finding and establishing new seed production zones around the world, which limits our exposure to many of these issues. We currently produce in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Pakistan and the USA.

Stock Seeds

Seed is the most important determinant of a crop’s production potential, on which the efficacy of other agriculture inputs is dependent. At MKS our stock seed (parent lines) are produced and maintained by our team of experts to ensure varietal purity and identity.

Seed Treatment

Seed treatment technology provides protection against pests and diseases ensuring the establishment of healthy and vigorous allium plants.


MKS has equipment to carry out both small scale and large scale seed treatments. This allows us to tailor the treatment to the individual customers requirements. Due to varied regulatory and agronomic needs, Magnus Kahl can alter the chemical type and rates used to fit the customer’s profile. Magnus Kahl Seeds provides the option of supplying raw seed or polymer/film-coated seed. A comprehensive list of our treatment options can be available on request. 

Quality Assurance

MKS takes an uncompromising approach to its quality assurance protocols in growing, processing and storage. This is a key reason why our brand has engendered confidence and farmers’ loyalty and trust over the years.


Our growers are amongst the best in the world. At Magnus Kahl Seeds we have strict quality control measures to facilitate the production of high quality seed. Inspections are carried out prior to and through out the season to ensure protocol management criteria such as weed control, disease management and plant nutrition are met.

Post Harvest Handling & Storage

Magnus Kahl Seeds has a stringent protocol structure associated with the harvest and drying process for our seed crops. The company uses advance temperature and humidity controlled drying units to ensure that the seed receives the optimum treatment at this crucial stage. All seed is dried, threshed and processed with specialized allium seed drying and processing equipment. Once the seed has been processed, it is stored in hermetically sealed storage units in ideal humidity and temperature conditions to ensure germination rates are maintained before shipping to the clients.

Seed Testing / Seed Health

All commercial seed lots at Magnus Kahl Seeds are tested both in house and by certified ISTA laboratories for germination capacity and physical purity. This testing duplication is critical to ensure that what we see in the laboratory tests is also what we see in the field of the customer.

Seed health is a critical component for our customers when establishing a successful crop in the field. The seed growing, drying and processing procedure must be handled carefully so the seed is not damaged at any stage. Here, at MKS we carry out our own seed production in hot, arid zones which greatly reduces the incidence of fungal diseases like botrytis allii on the seed surface.