Asian Subcontinent and Central Asia

Intermediate Day

  • Pronto
    An early/mid open-pollinated variety with excellent storage. Pronto's dark, high quality skin is what sets it apart from other varieties planted in the early to mid slot. View Product
  • Concord
    Early/mid-season OP brown variety, which is very high yielding due to its large bulb size.  View Product
  • F1 Red Raven
    A late short day/extra early intermediate day hybrid variety that produces very firm and uniform bulbs. View Product
  • Super Sarhad
    An intermediate day onion originating from South Asia with beautiful colour and high uniformity View Product
  • F1 Cobra
    F1 Cobra is a mid short day to early intermediate hybrid onion with the most exceptional skin quality and brown colour. The newest hybrid release from MKS. View Product
  • EPLK
    Early to mid season intermediate day open pollinated brown onion with excellent storage. View Product
  • F1 Mustang
    Overwintering intermediate day red┬áhybrid variety with very high yield potential.  View Product
  • F1 Golden Orb
    Mid short day to early intermediate brown hybrid variety with high yield potential. View Product
  • F1 Captain
    This mid short day to early intermediate onion offers high yields, a uniform globe shape and high skin quality. View Product

Short Day