MKS Europe

The European market is a very important market for Magnus Kahl Seeds and in recent years this market has grown significantly. With increasing customers across France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria and Bulgaria, it became clear that we needed a base in Europe in order to better service the needs of our clients and to expand this market further. As a result, in September 2019, Magnus Kahl Seeds launched its European operation – Magnus Kahl Seeds BV . The head office is located in Kortrijk, Belgium and is managed by Geo Verstichel.

Magnus Kahl Seeds has been active in the European market since 1990, and with the opening of the new company, we are able to supply our customers with a more refined offering. This includes more frequent visits, increased trialling of new products, more efficient seed delivery, greater technical support, competitive seed pricing and the continued supply of high quality onionshallot and echalion seed. Geo can be reached on and his mobile phone number is +32 477 971 287.

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